Meet the Shed Boys


Raised at the edge of the middle of nowhere along the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains, freezing winters and cauldron-hot summers taught Glenn the value of running water and electricity. The fifth of ten children, Glenn learned to eat fast, run fast and lay low until the dust settled. After a typical childhood of broken bones, fist fights and old-school discipline, he escaped into the world of art and music. Singing and playing guitar in "upscale Montana venues", Glenn learned to size-up a crowd, and to know whom he could take; if necessary (and who to stay clear of). After a mis-step or two, he ended up with a degree in Music Composition from the University of Montana. He continued his musical journey by singing in the Seattle symphony chorale for eight years, but turned in his tuxedo for plaid shirts and now focuses on bluegrass. Turn ons: boilermakers, swing dancing, being fashionably late. Turn offs: bad service, roughing it, other people being late.


Born and raised in East St. Louis, in the great state of Missouri, Ben spent his childhood dodging bugs and floods. An eternal nature-lover and forever following in his older brother's footsteps, Ben became an avid cyclist, sculptor and took up music. Eventually, needing to find his own way in the world, Ben ended up at a small liberal arts college in southern California. With his blonde hair, good looks and mid-western charm, Ben blended right into the surfer/artist scene. His freedom was short lived however, for Ben has always been a sucker for a pretty face. He followed his true love north to Seattle, discovered Gortex, and became a rugged northwest outdoorsman. Turn ons: kayaking, highballs, meals on time, biodiesel. Turn offs: neocons, empty icebox, picking up the tab.


Born on a mountaintop in West Virginia, Adam is the only true southerner in the band. The son of a Lutheran minister, Adam's family moved around a bit while he was growing up. He did some time in the town of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, famous for its ice makers and the fact that a piece of Sputnik IV hit smack dab in the street in front of their house. His family then settled in Berea, Ohio, an inauspicious suburb of Cleveland. Adam has been singing all his life, and with his sultry low bass voice, found the acoustic bass complementary. Adam came west during the great software boom of the late 80s, toiling in the velvet sweatshop for a spell. After leaving and clearing his head for a few years, he and some friends started "LabKey Software, LLC" a company that develops open-source software for research scientists (you got that?). Turn ons:  the beach, lemon drops, big bike rides, snowboarding. Turn offs: whining, cool jazz, manual labor.